Roasted Beef Stock

I’m just going to start off by saying I haven’t always used homemade stocks but have always preferred them. They’re very time consuming but relatively inexpensive and easy to make. Homemade stocks are good for a few reasons. First, you know exactly what ingredients are in them. Second, they taste much better than a store bought stock that has been sitting in a container for months. The final reason, it’s less expensive for a superior product. With minimal effort and a child like sense of wonder you can pull off this simple recipe and have delicious beef stock for all sorts of recipes.

I highly recommend to try it at least once to know what you’re missing. Enjoy!


Yield – 4 qts. 


4lbs Beef bones (Marrow bones, knuckles, or neck bones)

2 Large carrots, large chunks
3 Large white onions, large chunks
5 Celery stalks, large chunks
5 Large button mushrooms or preferred type
3 Bay leaves
2 Garlic cloves, smashed
2 Tbsp Tomato paste
3 Flat leaf parsley sprigs
3 Thyme sprigs
2 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
1 Cup Water
6 Qts. Water


  1. Start by pre-heating the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit 
  2. Coat beef bones with tomato paste, place on sheet pan, and roast in oven for 40 mins rotating after 20 mins
  3. Place carrots, celery, onion, and mushrooms on a roasting pan. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Place in the oven for 40 mins rotating after 20 mins.
  4. Once bones and vegetables are removed form the oven, transfer them into a large stock pot.
  5. While bone and vegetable pans are still hot pour 1/2 cup water on each of them and scrape with a wooden spoon to deglaze. Carefully transfer liquid from pans to stock pot.
  6. Add bay leaves, garlic cloves, parsley, thyme, and water to the stock pot 
  7. Bring pot to a simmer for about 6 hours 
  8. Strain stock with a large colander or fine mesh strainer
  9. Cool the stock by filling sink with ice water about 1/4 of the way then place container of hot stock in ice bath
  10. Finally portion stock into containers to use or freeze. If freezing make sure to leave about an inch of space because stock will expand causing container to burst

Step 2.
Step 3.
Roasted bones
Roasted Vegetables

Step 5. Deglazing the pan

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