Butcher Box Ribeye Steak Thoughts and Cooking Instructions

Butcher Box Thoughts

Ribeye is 100% my favorite cut of beef, lets see how Butcher Box stacks up. The marbling, flavor, and texture are all of the things I look for in a steak. With the Butcher Box steak being grass fed I was concerned with the fat content being very lean. Previously I’ve tried grass fed beef that had little to no fat. If the steak is already that lean then I might as well just buy a filet. But I assure you that the marbling was absolutely beautiful for a grass fed steak.

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Steak preparation

To safely thaw the ribeye place it on a plate in the refrigerator overnight. Remove it from the package. Generously season with kosher salt about 20 minutes prior to cooking, this will allow the salt to penetrate the surface of the steak so it’s seasoned all the way through. Pat the steak completely dry before cooking.

Cooking process

Pre-heat a pan before starting the cooking process. I recommend using a carbon steel or cast iron pan. To test if the pan is ready put a drop of water in the center, if it quickly evaporates then you’re ready to cook. Lay the steak away from you into the pan, you should hear some beautiful sizzling noises. Sear for about 2 minutes or until a beautiful brown crust is formed then flip. Throw a couple tablespoons of butter into the pan, when they’re almost fully melted begin to baste the ribeye. Cook for an additional 2 minutes or until the desired temperature is reached. I recommend medium rare (125 degrees). Don’t forget about carry over cooking, the steak will continue to cook after it’s removed from the pan.

Let the steak “rest” on a cutting board for 5 minutes before cutting. Resting the steak literally means just letting it sit there. This will allow the juices in the steak to remain in the steak instead of on the cutting board. Slice when the resting period is complete. Enjoy!

Pan Seared Butcher Box Ribeye

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