Burrata Mac n Cheese

This mac n cheese is for all the burrata lovers out there. Al dente cavatappi noodles covered in creamy mozzarella parmesan cheese sauce, topped off with burrata, browned butter panko, and sun dried tomato garlic oil. Words cannot describe the absolute amazingness that was in that bowl. Let’s check out the recipe.


Sun dried tomato garlic oil:
1 cup Extra virgin olive oil
5 Garlic cloves, sliced into chips
1/4 cup Sun dried tomatoes
2 tsp Crushed red pepper

Mozzarella cheese sauce:
4 oz Unsalted butter
1 small onion, diced
4 oz Flour
3.5 cups Milk or milk alternative
8 oz Mozzarella shredded
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
Salt to taste

Brown butter bread crumbs:
2 tbsp Unsalted butter
1/2 cup Panko bread crumbs

Other ingredients:
1lb Box of your favorite pasta, cooked according to directions
1 Burrata cheese ball
Parsley for garnish (Optional)
Grated parmesan for garnish (Optional)


  1. Gently heat the olive oil in a sauté pan over medium heat, add the garlic chips, lightly swirl the oil in the pan to distribute the garlic evenly. When the garlic begins to fry, swirl the oil occasionally to promote even cooking. When the chips begin to turn slightly brown, spoon them out of the hot oil into a bowl. Wait until the oil cools then transfer it to the bowl. Add the sun dried tomatoes and crushed red pepper.
  2. Melt 2 tbsp of butter in a saute pan then add the panko. Stir until the bread crumbs are golden brown.
  3. Melt 4 oz of butter in a large sauce pan, saute the onions for 7-10minutes, then mix in the flour. Stir the mixture for a few minutes, lower the heat if the bottom of the pan begins to brown. Slowly whisk in the milk to keep the sauce smooth.
  4. When the sauce is smooth whisk in the shredded mozzarella a handful at a time. When the mozzarella is incorporated then add the parmesan until smooth.
  5. Add the cooked noodles to the cheese sauce, gently mixed until combined. If the sauce is too thick add a splash of milk.
  6. Spoon the mac into your favorite bowl, place the burrata in the center of the bowl, top with the sun dried tomato garlic oil, brown butter bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and parsley
  7. Enjoy!

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